I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

- William Blake

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Weapons/armor limitation (minimalist D&D)

Half-baked ideas, continued from here:

* You are proficient in all weapons and armor.

* Maximum weapon damage is equal to Strength (two-handed), 2/3 Strength (right hand) and 1/3 Strength (left and). 

* Off-hand weapon applies the WORST of Str/Dex.

* Special weapons allow you to add BOTH your Strength and Dex modifiers, or double your Str modifier, but the same limits may still apply.

* The maximum amount of AC bonus you can get from armor is equal to half your Strength. Strength 16 means you can get a +8 bonus (AC 18).

* Shield does not affect AC.

* If you get hit, you can dodge or block. To dodge, roll 1d20+Dex. To block, 1d20+AC bonus+shield bonus. Dodging avoids damage, blocking merely reduces it (maybe to one quarter damage?).

* HP = Constitution times level divided by three.

What´s the point?

A "Dark Souls" style system where you find new weapons and discover new fighting styles as you progress and make choices. Also, I hate the idea of "you are a wizards therefore you cannot use a sword".


  1. Nice. Probably not my cup of tea, although having every dynamic contest (combat, wrestling, etc) be an opposed roll makes sense.

    I am confused about the shield exception. I would think the better rule is that your shield is not subject to the same limitation as half your STR bonus, but still counts as AC. Therefore you only add your AC bonus to your roll, not two different ones.

    1. Yeah, I'm just brainstorming here, not something that I"m ready to use either.
      A single AC bonus would be better, I agree. Or maybe blocking does not require a separate roll.

    2. You could have 1 roll of 1d20+Dex+AC with two components:

      1d20+Dex is your Dodging capacity. If you beat the attack roll, it misses.

      Your AC can reduce the damage by 1/4 if it lands between your Dodge and Block roll. If you want to have Heavy Armour restrict the limits of Dodge, that works, but I think an AC range based on STR mod works.

      Example: Plate grants a minimum AC of 3, but grants an additional point of AC for every point of STR mod up to a +8 at STR mod +5. I would go so far as have negative STR mod reduce effectiveness of armour, which can at extremes (-4) impact your Dodge roll (3-4=-1 AC).

  2. It seems to work okay. Too complicated for me but that’s a “me” problem not a “system” problem.

    Good job.