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- William Blake

Monday, June 10, 2019

Dark Fantasy Characters

Here is my latest effort for Dark Fantasy Basic (and all RPGs, really; it's pretty system-less): Dark Fantasy Characters.

Once more, the cover is by the awesome Rick Troula.

Dark Fantasy Characters is a collection of tables to inspire the creation of characters. It includes tables meant for player characters, non player characters, or (frequently) both. You can also use this book to generate characters for stories, comic books, etc.

The focus is on dark fantasy tropes: flawed heroes, terrible villains, corrupting magic, ominous ruins and damned wastelands.

This is system-less book, to be used with any game of your choice (except for one table). It is especially suited for medieval dark fantasy games, such as my own (Dark Fantasy Basic).

It includes tables such as:

Names: 100 names plus 20 surnames and particles.

Ability scores: Generate six ability scores by rolling 3d20.

Backgrounds & specialties: More than 80 options to flesh out your characters.

Dark Secrets, Flaws: Two different tables to give a dark twist to your PCs and NPCs.

Grievous sins: Reserved for the worst villains.

Here is a taste for you:

Dark secrets are not only for villains, but also for tragic heroes. Even PCs may chose a dark secret if they want. If the secret is revealed, the character might be shunned, cast away, or even hunted down. Hirelings and followers may have dark secrets if the player characters get unlucky while hiring them.

Family. Your family is made of criminals, monsters, tyrants, or traitors.
Crime. You committed a heinous crime that would scare away even your allies.
Trauma. You (or someone close to you) has been the victim of unspeakable acts. It haunts you.
Birthright. You could rightfully claim a position or thing that is currently into a powerful usurper’s hands.
Curse. There is a dark prophecy about your future. It may manifest repeatedly (everyone you love will get hurt, etc.)
Addiction. You cannot be trusted near a bottle of alcohol (or other dangerous substance).
Debt. You owe someone, big time. He or she will come to collect eventually.
Cult. You are part of a secret cult. It is secret for a reason.
Sin. You committed acts that, while not criminal, would get you shunned if discovered.
Insanity. You have bouts of madness, or even hallucinations, that you think you can control.
Disease. You have a terminal or infectious disease.
Pact. You made a deal with a dark entity, and now you have to fulfill it.
Knowledge. You know something that puts you in danger.
False identity. You are not who you say you are.
Enemy. A dangerous foe is searching for you.
Disgusting. You have a (mostly harmless) habit that would make people disgusted.
Fraud. Your stories about your deeds and skill are greatly exaggerated.
Suicidal. Your bravery hides a strong death wish.
Artifact. You are hiding a dangerous object that you are not willing to throw away.
Bond. You have a deep affection (or loyalty, etc.) for someone that most people see as an enemy.

I am selling it for half the intended price (i.e., or $0.99) to benefit "early adopters" and to see if I can get new people into the the fold.

Who knows, this might become an entire series, if people enjoy it. Dark Fantasy Locations is already half written... Dark Fantasy Magic and Dark Fantasy Religion are probably next.

Dark Fantasy Monsters, you say? Well, I got something even better in the oven...

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