I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

- William Blake

Books & discounts

I've written more than a dozen books

As of this writing, you can get ALL my books at once for $27.65 (or less if you already got some!) - a 51% discount!

Alternatively, you can get the Dark Fantasy Bundle for only 14.99.

Both bundles will allow you to get future books at a similar discount, but only the first will include all titles.

And, if you have bought any of my books before the bundles, the price will be even lower.

BTW, you can get Dark Fantasy Places for free on DTRPG, or pay what you want.

If you want to pick a specific book instead... read on!

My books include:

Teratogenicon - the ultimate monster creator, for ANY RPG system (with notes on how toi use them in both 5e and OSR systems). This is our most impressive book so far - is a collection of tables and essays on how to create your own monsters. The book is beautifully illustrated by Rick Troula (of The Displaced fame). Take a look at the previews to see for yourself!

Dark Fantasy Basic - my clone/homage to Basic D&D games! Instead of copying mechanics from B/X, I took Moldvay's Basic and rewrote it page by page, adding some stuff from 3e and 5e (also some DCC and Target 20 inspiration). I am still using it to this day, but with some revisions, since I published in 2017. Here is a discount coupon for this book.

Alternate Magic - a collection of mechanics compatible both with DFB and B/X, OSE, BFRPG, etc. Spell points, blood magic, flexible spells, rituals, cantrips... it's all in there!

The Wretched Hive - An OSR adventure for low-level characters. Originally a one-page dungeon that got expanded and refined.

Old School Feats - a collection of feats for old-school games. If you like B/X, OSE, LL, BFRPG, or even other OSR games, and want to expand character options, you'll certainly enjoy this one! These feats add customization to your character without adding much complexity to your games. Notice that this is not exactly compatible with Dark Fantasy Basic. Instead, it adapts some ideas from DFB to use with other, more traditional, games (such as B/X).

... among others.

Other discounts - If you buy any of my books and allow e-mails from DTRPG, I will send you a discount code every time a new book is out. If you do not get one when I release a new book, or if you cannot afford full price in the moment, feel free to ask me a discount coupon on Reddit, MeWe or Discord and I will be happy send you one. Thank you for reading my stuff!

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