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- William Blake

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Alternate Cleric

The B/X cleric is weird. So here is my version!

This is an excerpt from Alternate Magic., with some small updates.

An alternate cleric has all the powers and restrictions of a cleric, with the following changes.

Faith Points (FP). You have one Faith Point (FP) per level. All FP are recovered after a full night of sleep. You cannot spend more than one FP at once, except for Faith Healing. Performing a meaningful task or sacrifice for your deity might give you one FP at the referee’s discretion.

Faith Healing. When you touch a creature, you can spend one FP or more to heal 1d6 damage per FP.

Faith Hammer. Upon hitting a creature, you can spend one FP to add 1d6 to damage. If the target is an undead or demon, the additional damage is 1d8 instead.

Turn undead. 
Use the table below, adding cleric level and subtracting undead HD. You can spend one FP to get a +1 bonus. Rolling the same number on both dice costs you one FP.

2-. The turning fails and you cannot try again for one turn.
3-5. The turning fails. 
6-8 The turning succeeds, turning 1d6 HD of undead (minimum one creature).
9-11. The turning succeeds, turning 2d6 HD of undead (minimum one creature).
12+. The turning succeeds, destroying 2d6 HD of undead (minimum one creature).

Faith Casting. 
The alternate cleric does not choose spells. Instead, he prays for miracles when needed.

Roll 2d6 and ask for an effect from your deity. If the effect is related to the deity’s domain (e.g., light), or the cleric is on a mission from a deity, add +1 to the roll (+2 if both). If a spell is contrary to the deity’s nature or goals, impose a -1 penalty instead (-2 if both).

You can spend one FP to get a +1 bonus. Rolling the same number on both dice costs you one FP. If you have no FP left, you cannot perform Faith Casting.

You cannot use faith casting to heal HP or cause HP damage.

2-. No. The deity is unable or unwilling to help with this request. The exact same request cannot be repeated today. Lose one FP.
3-5. Mysterious ways. The request is not fully successful but some boon is conceded at the referee’s discretion. It might not be immediately obvious. 
6-8. Success. The request is conceded. The effect’s potency are analogous to the power of any existing cleric spell (maximum spell level equal to half the cleric’s level, round up, minus one).
9-11. Small miracle. The success is greater than expected, at the referee’s discretion. 
12+. Divine intervention. The success is stupendous, leaving even unbelievers in awe. Divine intervention only happens in the direst of circumstances and no more than once a week. Otherwise, treat this as a small miracle.

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