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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

DMG (1e) cover-to-cover: INDEX

I've been the original DMG - the ultimate DM book! - but from a B/X and OSR point-of-view. Why? This is explained in part I

This is what I've got so far. My plan is to finish commenting on the entire book, write an overall conclusion/review, and comparing it to "advanced" OSR books before the end of 2023. I might do the PHB next (will leave a link here if I do).
  1. Part I, pages 1-9 (preface, introduction)
  2. Part II, pages 9-22 (the game, character abilities, races, classes) 
  3. Sidequest: all elves are half-elves.
  4. Part III, pages 23-37 (alignment, money, armor, hirelings, henchmen)
  5. Part IV, pages 37-46 (time and spells)
  6. Part V, pages 47-60 (the adventure)
  7. Part VI, pages 61-83 (combat)
  8. Sidequest: minimalist grappling and striking.
  9. Part VII, pages 84-100 (experience and the campaign)
  10. Part VIII, pages 100-114 (NPCs, constructions and conducting the game)
  11. Part IX, pages 114-169 (MAGIC RESEARCH/ITEMS and TREASURE).
  12. Coming soon!

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