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Friday, September 29, 2023

Minimalist encumbrance/slots (B/X)

Encumbrance must be one of the most popular subjects in OSR circles. I've written at least half a dozens posts myself, and I hope I'm not repeating myself too much, although this is a simplification of an earlier post.

Anyway, here is what I've been using lately. Works well for B/X, OSE, BFRPG, etc. I haven't read the OSE rules for slots, but I imagine they are similar.

A PC can carry a number of "slots" equal to STR.

[Alternative: If you want all PCs to have similar capacity, start with 10+STR mod, or use 10 and ignore STR].

One "slot" is approximately 3-5 pounds (30-50 coins); basically one weapon or item of similar weight.

2H swords, lances and polearms take 3 slots (you might as well use 2; these weapons are not that great in the game, and not that heavy in real life).

Armor/shield take 2 slots per point of AC.

Light items (potions, torches, etc.) are ignored unless you're carrying more than pounds of them. You can bundle 6 torches, 3 days of rations, 3-5 daggers/wands/potions, etc. 

You must use some common sense here, but most things in the equipment list should take one slot (except things with negligible weight like garlic, etc.). In the original game, the weight is closer to 2 slots.

Coins are 50 per slot.

(I use 100 per slot and silver standard because I find it more sensible).

Movement rate (adapted from OSE):
EncumbranceMovement Rate
Up to STR120’ (40’)
Up to STRx290’ (30’)
Up to STRx360’ (20’)
Up to STRx430’ (10’)
This is a bit more lenient than the usual rules. 

If you want something closer to the original, try this:
EncumbranceMovement Rate
Up to STR120’ (40’)
Up to STRx1,590’ (30’)
Up to STRx260’ (20’)
Up to STRx330’ (10’)
And that's it! Easy, right?

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  1. Have you seen Delta's encumbrance by stone idea?