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Sunday, January 08, 2017

1000 Lawful Deities (random table)

In my Days of the Damned game, there are three types of gods. So far, I've been calling them the Ethereal Lords, the Earthbound Gods, and the Masters of the Abyss. Suffice to say, one could roughly identify them with Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic deities in D&D games.

The lawful ones are an interesting challenge to me; since I'm a fan of Moorcock, and I don't  necessarily identify Law with Good, I figured all lawful religions would a few uncommon beliefs to someone looking from the outside, even if their core practices were about loving your neighbor, feeding the poor, etc. Not things like wearing purple on a Friday, but completely different philosophical outlooks.

If you want a similar table for Neutral and Chaotic gods, let me know in the comments and I'll share the other two. BTW, this table was inspired by this post. Krevborna's patrons are evocative and colorful, so if you're looking for demons, devils, fey and great old ones you can find them there. This is another great option for evil cults.

In any case, here are the Ethereal Lords, presented in a random table format. You can roll a single d10, or roll two or three dice to mix and match and create new deities on the fly - nothing wrong with different religions adopting similar taboos, as it could create interesting situations.

DO  NOT use the comments section to make disrespectful comments about real world religions and beliefs; they will be deleted. This chart is made for use in fantasy games and isn't intended to criticize or reflect upon any real religion. If you feel that any item on this table is disrespectful for some reason, let me know and I'll do my best to fix it. 

If you're a follower of the Obsidian Scribe, etc., and feel I have misrepresented your beliefs, fell free to comment too!


Adjective Noun Taboo
The Aureate Patriarch Wealth is the only mark of righteousness. Poverty is not enough – the weak and lazy must be punished further.
The Symmetric Lady Both halves of a person, a couple, a building, and so on must be reflections of each other. Mirrors are sacred symbols, and the ambidextrous fit for priesthood.
The Radiant Knight All false faiths must be destroyed. The extermination of all unbelievers can be postponed until they are outnumbered by the faithful, but evil cults deserve no respite.
The Faithful Maiden Physical intimacy must be carefully controlled and never shared with a loved one, for love must remain pure.
The Celestial Spirit Those who lead others are heretical, for all people are equally slaves to the divine rule. The church shall be the sole authority in the earth.
The Obsidian Scribe No one but the wise and the chosen may learn the secret teachings of the faith, although everyone is bound by the immutable laws of the universe that few can understand.
The Hidden Sovereign Holy people are immune from sin, and when they steal, lie and hurt the innocent, their victims should be thankful, for they have been blessed.
The Iron Thorn Pain is the only path to purity. It must be embraced. Comfort corrupts the soul. All should suffer in order to become better.
The Grim Inquisitor The guilty must be drowned. The innocent must be tormented until they confess their guilt.
The Blind Scholar Reason is an obstacle to the understanding of hidden truths. Only through insanity can revelation be achieved.

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