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- William Blake

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The ILLUSTRATED War of Earth and Sky

I've written a few ideas about "The War of Earth and Sky", a setting a came up with recently. I'm not 100% satisfied with the results. It seems a lot cooler inside my head! So let me try to illustrate the concepts in order to (hopefully) make it more interesting. Not my illustrations, of course - I wish!

The text may sounds repetitive if you've read that post.


These are the Storm Giants:

They like to mess with lighting:

Have you ever noticed how D&D giants culture and religion  ("The ordning") is basically a caste system based on ideas of racial superiority?

Giants are obsessed with this stuff.

And giants hate dragons. Giants may live in mountain and throw lighting, but they can never reach the sky.

Dragons are also individualistic, brutal, chaotic, with no respect for caste or hierarchy - the opposite of giants.

In fact, giants hate magic, and elves, and fey, and anything that flies (unless they created it themselves).

But they love science. And golems, and machines, an constructs.

Giants also believe they can mess with DNA to create superior life-forms. All other creatures - and other giants - are inferior and made to serve.

They created behirs, BTW.

Here is how:

Just get a blue dragon, cut its wings, alter its DNA, torture it into it goes crazy, and you have the perfect anti-dragon pet for storm giants: lighting-breathing lizards that cannot fly and remind the dragons of what will happen if they get caught.

But the giants are not opposed to experimenting on themselves...

When they waged war against the fey, some giants failed. The other giants didn't kill the loser... they only warped them a little bit.

Messing with DNA and creating new creatures is a noble vocation among storm giants.

But hey, they aren't the only ones that do that, right?

In fact, all these creatures - the underground-dwellers, cultists - psionics, warped abominations, dragons without wings - worship the same power, albeit under different names.

Their ultimate god is the everlasting Worm that dwells in the center of the Earth.

The one who gave birth to slugs, vermin, purple worms... And most things that live underground, hate magic, or turn people to stone.

The one who fed all before there was a sky - before there were magic, and birds, and dragons. Before those traitorous flying lizards left the Abyss and traded the endless fog for night and day. Before they chose red, blue, and green over the ubiquitous grey. Before they choose fire and air over water and stone.

The one who can protect you from these flying predators and shield you from the scorching sun.

The one that can make you better.

The one you should never have left.


I guess they are caught in the middle of a war between Earth and Sky.

Good luck!

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Hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

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