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- William Blake

Monday, October 03, 2022

The Golden Age of Khares KS

Here is the blurb:
The Golden Age of Khares is a psychedelic sword & sandal setting sourcebook designed for the Tabletop RPG system Low Fantasy Gaming. In it, the Kharesian Empire is described, a fictional bronze age society made up of a collection of city states with a shared culture. The world of Khares is one of sword & sandal high adventure that takes inspiration from old Biblical Epics and Italian Peplum films. 
A Low Fantasy Gaming psychedelic bronze age setting? Sounds like a great idea to me! LFG is not my clone of choice (as I have my own) but it is full of cool stuff (see my review in the link).

The author sent me a copy of the free version, which is still a bit rough - but the finished prudcut will apparently look much better, even he free version. You can see some images on KS (and below). The art by Carlos Castilho (I used his art exclusively for the interior of Old School Feats), Yuri Perkowski, etc. looks good, with a very OSR feel. 

Overall, the free version looks somewhat like the original LFG, but he KS aims to fund a "deluxe version" that might look even better.

If that sounds interesting, check the link above!

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